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DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES — Over 111,000 people made their way to 5th and Grand today to see 40 teams take on the hills, jumps and banking of the Red Bull Soapbox Race Los Angeles. Team Ironheade of San Francisco won first prize in a competition that featured all manner of absurd vehicles and some intense wrecks. The winning racer was the 6th of 40 vehicles to travel down the narrow course, which featured two jumps, some chicane sections and a banked turn. The vehicle set the scoring standard early and never gave up its advantage.

Not all vehicles made it down the course. Many saw their demise in the turn, and several crashes left the soapbox vehicles laying on top of their drivers. Despite the carnage, all drivers walked away from their crashes.

Second place went to Team Ludicrous Speed!!!, piloted by Dark Helmet from the movie Spaceballs and hailing from North Pasadena. In third place, and also claiming the People's Choice award, was Team Speed Racer of Broomfield, CO.

Among the race's local college entrants, it was Cal State Northridge who fared best. While the entry, titled The Human Factor, didn't medal, it did complete the course. That was more than could be said for entries from either USC or UCLA.

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