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9 News Sidebar With Susie Wargin

Wow, we ran into some paint issues which kept us up most of the night, we headed on to 9 news and Susie interviewed Josh while the rest of the team participated as well. Josh must have been asleep at the wheel cause he was just talking about whatever he wanted to talk about, relevant or not.

From 9 News:

KUSA - This Saturday in Los Angeles, the Red Bull Soapbox Race takes place and Denver's Team Speed Racer is heading to California to defend its title. Formerly known as Team Save Ferris when they visited 9News last year, Team Speed Racer brought their latest creation to the station for the latest 6:20 Sidebar. The beautiful Mach 5 has over 750 man/woman hours invested in just 2 months time and Speed Racer hopes it will get them the same results as last year.

Josh McGuckin, Jeremiah Hueske, Sandra Hueske, Matt Fisher and James Olson won the Denver Red Bull Soapbox race and were the first team ever to win both the People's choice and 1st place in one event. These five are not only devoted to this project, but they also hold full time jobs and/or are currently in school. They must be impressing some folks because Josh, Matt and Jeremiah (who are in the industrial design program at Metro State) have been selected to participate on a project to design and construct a concept commuter car.

The derby takes place Saturday, September 26th at 5th & Grand in Downtown LA. Gravity is their friend, no engines needed!

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